Iceland’s Best Pirates Touch Land to Party

Destiny, “Je Me Casse” representing Malta, 2021. Screenshot from YouTube Eurovision Channel
9:45 PM (at night) in the midnight sun, June 2021. Photo by Tanya Sleiman
Iceland’s Best Pirates, Photo by Tanya Sleiman, 2021. Waters of ESKIFJÖRÐUR, ICELAND
Shipping Container Transformed into Pirate Stage, ESKIFJÖRÐUR. Photo by Tanya Sleiman, 2021

Pirates Propose More Than Two Can Register For Legal Cohabitation

Iceland’s Political Pirates

The School of Píratar and Jafnaðarmannaflokkur

Hospitality is Alive and Well

Chess in Iceland: Photos by Tanya Sleiman, 2021
Bathtub Chess, (LEFT) Icelandic language Chess with Mom’s tutor, Siggi (Always RIGHT). Photos by Tanya Sleiman, 2021

King Cod

In the chess game of making a coalition government, few parties are pawns, and many in government hold cod supply as king.

“Kronur” or “Crowns” as local currency reigns supreme as the Queen’s gambit.

The rook and bishop and knight metaphors require me to learn more chess before I can write about them! Stay tuned.

Louisa Thomas in The New Yorker, Screenshot of July 26, 2021 article

Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir

Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir Instagram, Nov 24, 2021 / Screenshot by Tanya Sleiman

Secrets of the Sprakkar”

Peysa Power (The traditional “lopapeysa” sweater of Iceland). Fondly called “peysa” and hand knitted by a dear loved one, the sweaters were hand selected and worn by young singers performing live, for the Academy Awards in Hollywood, USA, to support the Oscar Song Entry “Husavik.” From Will Ferrel’s Netflix film “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” 2020. Screenshot from YouTube, 2021.

Traditional Gifts from Iceland: Songlists, Peysas, and Books

Magic Pirates in Iceland Might Recommend…

  1. Sweaters with pirate motifs. You can special order a craftsperson in Iceland to make you a sweater, or a scarf, or a pot holder for your kitchen. Though horses and stripes are common motifs on the peysa, creative requests are happily accepted at The Handknitting Association of Iceland. https://www.handknitted.is/
  2. Soaps, blankets, and music from a mystical family of creators https://www.fischersund.com/
  3. “The Seer and the Unseen” a documentary streaming now by my film colleague Sara Dosa. Her logline is: “A magic realist fable about invisible elves, financial collapse and the surprising power of belief, told through the story of an Icelandic grandmother who speaks on behalf of nature under threat.” Stream it today, or, stay tuned for the 2022 world premiere of Sara’s newest film, “Fire of Love” with a huge chapter set in Iceland.
  4. Audiobooks and music by acclaimed actor Thorunn Erna Clausen (https://www.storytel.com/is/is/narrators/96050-runn-Erna-Clausen

Pirates as Commerce

A Swede on Iceland’s shores erected a temple of love. Design by Daniel Byström. Photo by Tanya Sleiman, 2021.




I’m a Filmmaker Educator. The opposite of an Influencer 🌈💪🏽❣️✨

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Tanya Sleiman

Tanya Sleiman

I’m a Filmmaker Educator. The opposite of an Influencer 🌈💪🏽❣️✨

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