7up: Lebanese Superfans of Basketball, Miles Away From Ordinary

Is The Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

7up Commemorative Bottle: Photo by H. Sleiman 2021
“Consulate General of Lebanon” Visa Photo by Tanya Sleiman
7up in Color, Photo by Tanya Sleiman, with Icelandic autumn sun, 2021

Marques Johnson’s sophomore season started in 1974.


Nostalgia in a Glass: Julebrus or Christmas Soda

The current coach of the NBA Golden State Warriors was once a ball boy on the 1970s’ courts of UCLA College Basketball.

The ball boy grew up to be an incredible NBA player and coach. His father, Malcolm, was my father Doha’s college advisor.

As a ball boy, Steve Kerr’s California neighbor in the 1970s was Ronald Reagan, former Governor of California, and a Hollywood Actor.

As the President of the USA, Ronald Reagan mourned the loss of Steve’s father, Malcolm Kerr, at the hands of terrorists.

-Ronald Reagan, USA President on January 18, 1984

Some believers might see the men with guns as heroes. I see them as cowards. January 18, 1984, in Beirut, men pretending to be students at the American University in Beirut used weapons to murder Dr. Malcolm Kerr because he represented a voice of democracy and diversity, and was a threat to their political paradigms of control.

Basketball can be a diversion, or a lifeline.

  • Stephen Douglas Kerr, American Basketball Coach
Two Statues of Mother Love / Photos by Tanya Sleiman, 2021




I’m a Filmmaker Educator. The opposite of an Influencer 🌈💪🏽❣️✨

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Tanya Sleiman

Tanya Sleiman

I’m a Filmmaker Educator. The opposite of an Influencer 🌈💪🏽❣️✨

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